Loose Parameters Version 1

Inkjet on paper
The culmination of a number of projects, this small book, puzzle cover and two postcards set out the notion of a play-based research practice and attempt to illustrate this working in the context of image making. 

Included with the book are two postcards developed from my “Postcards” project, this is also featured inside the book as an example project along with “Type Type” and “Pattern Play: 2”.

The text in the book starts:

Play is often dismissed as childish or unserious, but arguably it is an essential part of discovering new knowledge. A play-based research context is one where consequences of "failure" are essentially absent. Ideas that would otherwise be "too risky" are given a chance and so the scope for discovery is much broader. 

Whether you're an artist, designer or engineer, the pressures not to waste time or materials can be very limiting. Trying out something new can look like a risk, rather than an opportunity for discovery. So, it is vital to reduce those pressures as much as possible.