Inkjet on paper layered with greyboard
Pencil and Watercolour on paper
Reflecting on my earlier project “A Visual Play” I concluded that having minimal steps between starting a process and actively playing and exploring, in this case with colour and pattern, is what best facilitates discovery and inventiveness. Iteration is the key to play as a process for learning, the idea is to try out ideas as they form and gain knowledge from both the physical process and the outcomes. 

Using the ‘Pattern Grid × 10’ stencil you can actually draw the same grid as with the ‘Pattern Grid × 5’ by skipping half the lines, possibly making the latter slightly pointless. But the point of the stencil is to concentrate focus on the pattern making part, not the grid. Flipping that on its head, one can consider the many different stencils that could be made for other patterns and the boundless variations on this simple play process that could be found. The challenge then becomes in the design of useable stencils.